donderdag 30 september 2010

First day on linux.

This post has nothing to do with the game itself but just a little side note.

I'm following webtech as graduation year and I , as a windows guy , had to leave windows and install a Ubuntu version for school (dual boot ofc ).

We are going to start working on some Ruby On Rails development and it was better and wiser to use Ubuntu.

I'm not really the hardware or OS expert but this is my 

First experience with Ubuntu:

+ Battery life , doesn't slurp like **** on my laptop battery.
+ Start up time, boots in a very nice time , like every laptop should.
+ Easy software installment. Didn't had any trouble finding software fast. The Ubuntu software center is just amazing.
+ Everything is pretty much easy to find , easy menu's , easy to find stuff ! :) 

- Had some troubles with my other monitor. I plug my monitor into my laptop so I have a bigger screen. And unplug it again when I'm going to school. Windows automatically blacks out my laptop screen when it's in the monitor.

In linux I always have both screens on , have to place my laptop screen of fin the settings each time when I boot. Doesnt save it or something :(

+- Mail program , currently I have tried the standard e-mail client in Ubuntu and thunderbird but I can't seem to find any one to work with the MS exchange server from school. Well it's probably not Unbuntu's fault but the fault of the school server :p

Any hints on a great e-mail client and music player? I miss my winamp :(

dinsdag 28 september 2010

A small look into the server

Let's just  have a small look into the basic GUI of the Server.

First windows is just a log screen where you can see if a player enters or connects to the server.
"Speler cloetn send to Stijn" means that stijn was in the game when cloetn logged in. So stijn has to be alerted that somebody joined the game and needs to be added on his screen.

Each room has it's own list of player. Overview of who is where in which room.

Just some small traffic analysing to see how much the server has send and received.

Techniques & Future

The game uses a socket connection from Flash to a home made server made in Java. It sends the much needed information , from movement to quests to login etc. At the moment there is no security in the sending of messaging, except for a policy thingy in Flash it self.
The movement of the characters is calculated by the  * algorithm. Working in 4 ways, not 8 at the moment.
Your computer will calculate your path and send all the movement ways to the server and he will send it to all the other clients who are in the same world.

The world is divided into several rooms. Small rooms may varia from island to buildings etc. Each action from each player in the room is send to all the other players in that room.

Depth sorting is present between players and environment. Depth sorting between players itself is something for the future.
The development has been really slow lately because my motivation is  below freezing point at the moment. That's why I'm making this blog , to keep me busy and hoping to find some support or some new motivation to keep working on the game.

Next points in the future will be:

  1. A bagpack system, an item system is currently in development.
  2. The graphics of the characters should be need some improvement.
  3. Skills ?!?!?!

About Santios

Welcome to the blog of Santios Online.

Santios is a 1-man project at the moment. It's a online RPG Flash Game developed by a 20 year old college student. It works with a self made Java Socket Server.

It all started out as a challenge like 3 months ago. We saw how Sockets Servers worked in school between a Java Server and a Java Client. Now in my spare time I found it a challenge to make Flash connect to my Java Server.

I started to make a little game where you could control a small cube and move around the play field. You could see others move aswell.

After hours of work after school I finally managed to really get something better out of it.

This is the current layout of the game. It could really use some improvement but I'm not that artistic  :).
It's really a problem for later on becuase I'm now working on the engine. Once everything is worked out great on that way I'm going to try and improve the graphics part of the game.

Now this is the first post about Santions. Next will be about some of the techniques,troubles and next points in my agenda. !!