dinsdag 28 september 2010

About Santios

Welcome to the blog of Santios Online.

Santios is a 1-man project at the moment. It's a online RPG Flash Game developed by a 20 year old college student. It works with a self made Java Socket Server.

It all started out as a challenge like 3 months ago. We saw how Sockets Servers worked in school between a Java Server and a Java Client. Now in my spare time I found it a challenge to make Flash connect to my Java Server.

I started to make a little game where you could control a small cube and move around the play field. You could see others move aswell.

After hours of work after school I finally managed to really get something better out of it.

This is the current layout of the game. It could really use some improvement but I'm not that artistic  :).
It's really a problem for later on becuase I'm now working on the engine. Once everything is worked out great on that way I'm going to try and improve the graphics part of the game.

Now this is the first post about Santions. Next will be about some of the techniques,troubles and next points in my agenda. !!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! You're designing this game yourself!? This is amazing pal. Good to be here from the beginning and can't wait to see it take off

  2. I am very interested in seeing how you progress. The stuff you do to make this game is the equivalent of learning a new language for me. I am learninging html/xhtml/css/ but programming. Best of luck.

  3. One man project? Wow, I wish you the best of luck. Can't wait to see more from it.