donderdag 30 september 2010

First day on linux.

This post has nothing to do with the game itself but just a little side note.

I'm following webtech as graduation year and I , as a windows guy , had to leave windows and install a Ubuntu version for school (dual boot ofc ).

We are going to start working on some Ruby On Rails development and it was better and wiser to use Ubuntu.

I'm not really the hardware or OS expert but this is my 

First experience with Ubuntu:

+ Battery life , doesn't slurp like **** on my laptop battery.
+ Start up time, boots in a very nice time , like every laptop should.
+ Easy software installment. Didn't had any trouble finding software fast. The Ubuntu software center is just amazing.
+ Everything is pretty much easy to find , easy menu's , easy to find stuff ! :) 

- Had some troubles with my other monitor. I plug my monitor into my laptop so I have a bigger screen. And unplug it again when I'm going to school. Windows automatically blacks out my laptop screen when it's in the monitor.

In linux I always have both screens on , have to place my laptop screen of fin the settings each time when I boot. Doesnt save it or something :(

+- Mail program , currently I have tried the standard e-mail client in Ubuntu and thunderbird but I can't seem to find any one to work with the MS exchange server from school. Well it's probably not Unbuntu's fault but the fault of the school server :p

Any hints on a great e-mail client and music player? I miss my winamp :(

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  1. Well I know not to get iTunes, because that's the worst. Can't you get winamp again? It's awesome

  2. Well you can't get itunes on linux I quess haha and you can't get winamp for linux either so :s

  3. I've only tried the booable version for fun, I guess I just like Windows too much

  4. that was my most favored thing about Ubuntu the start up time...Bloody windows hang so long. The freeware it all comes with is pretty cool too. I still prefer windows for reasons unknown lol

  5. I use linux most of the time at school and have been doing that for a while now (3-4 years? dno). Anyways, thunderbird always worked for me but about the music player, you could always just run winamp through wine lol.

  6. I was going to say winamp too..
    As for Linux, you would be better asking me how a nuclear reactor works.

  7. hmm well, I've always used windows, I just feel like it would be difficult to get used to anything else at this point.

  8. just another point..you should put ubuntu on your desktop cuz its awesome and its better than putting on your laptop.

  9. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  10. It's OK ,you learn the basics really fast tbh. You should try it out. Just install it with virtually with virtualbox or something !