dinsdag 28 september 2010

Techniques & Future

The game uses a socket connection from Flash to a home made server made in Java. It sends the much needed information , from movement to quests to login etc. At the moment there is no security in the sending of messaging, except for a policy thingy in Flash it self.
The movement of the characters is calculated by the  * algorithm. Working in 4 ways, not 8 at the moment.
Your computer will calculate your path and send all the movement ways to the server and he will send it to all the other clients who are in the same world.

The world is divided into several rooms. Small rooms may varia from island to buildings etc. Each action from each player in the room is send to all the other players in that room.

Depth sorting is present between players and environment. Depth sorting between players itself is something for the future.
The development has been really slow lately because my motivation is  below freezing point at the moment. That's why I'm making this blog , to keep me busy and hoping to find some support or some new motivation to keep working on the game.

Next points in the future will be:

  1. A bagpack system, an item system is currently in development.
  2. The graphics of the characters should be need some improvement.
  3. Skills ?!?!?!

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